What We Do

The ReWork Richmond Difference

Most workforce development programs focus on finding entry-level jobs that over time don’t sustain families financially. These programs rarely address the actual barriers to securing and retaining living-wage employment.

ReWork Richmond is different. Instead of placing individuals in minimum wage positions offering limited upward opportunity, ReWork is strategically structured to accompany its Members on the long walk to living-wage employment by providing a comprehensive range of personal support and employment sourcing services.

ReWork Richmond’s Comprehensive Guidance

ReWork’s unique comprehensive guidance approach surrounds each Member with a broad menu of personal support and employment access services tailored to meeting individual goals.

Individualized vocational education
ReWork’s support team carefully assesses each Member’s vocational skills and interests to develop with them an achievable job placement strategy, often involving further education, that ultimately leads to the right living-wage career.

Workplace preparation coaching
ReWork’s coaches help Members prepare for, and secure, gainful employment, and maintain productive relationships with employers.

Collaborative relationships that ensure access to productive community resources
ReWork’s established relationships with educational institutions, community service providers and administrative agencies link Members with local organizations best qualified to help them overcome systemic hurdles.

Financial coaching and interim funding support
ReWork’s Financial Coaches help Members make smart financial planning decisions, and on a case-by-case basis even provide temporary financial support to keep Members on their career trajectory.

“Good Neighbor” volunteer network
Across Richmond, ReWork has established a responsive network of volunteers who stand ready to assist with employment-related needs as varied as childcare, transportation, resume preparation, mock interviews and career coaching.

Employment referrals
ReWork’s extensive referral network partners with employers citywide to source the most appropriate job opportunities that match Member’s skill sets and interests.

A commitment to long-term success
ReWork understands that helping its Members attain meaningful, living-wage employment requires an individualized support process that’s grounded in a continuous commitment — even after a Member has succeeded in reaching his or her career goal. ReWork is prepared for the long walk.