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RE:work is looking for Good Neighbors! Part of what sets RE:work apart from other workforce initiatives is the meaningful engagement from faith communities across Richmond. RE:work depends on the volunteer support from our Good Neighbors to provide their gifts of connection, and talents to help form pathways to family sustaining employment for our members.

Not your typical volunteer experience…

If and when you join the Good Neighbor Network, our hope as an organization is to always begin with listening to parents, recognizing our shared humanity. When it comes to employment, the types of support we will ask of our Good Neighbors will be a response to what we’ve heard families in the East End need to get to a meaningful career. Check out the Good Neighbor roles below to learn what we learned from our community!

If you’re interested in joining the Good Neighbor Network, you can reach out to Diana Vasquez, or go ahead and fill out the form below.

Good Neighbor roles

DRIVER: We know that a major barrier East End families face is reliable transportation to work for our parents and to school and childcare for their children. Drivers provide transportation in church vans or private vehicles to help overcome this barrier.

JOB CONNECTOR: People with a variety of careers and connections are sitting in our pews. Job Connectors help Our Parents find the right living wage career opportunities by connecting RE:work to employers who are looking to hire.

CAREER COACH: If a member of a faith community is in the career field that one of our parents is seeking to pursue, we will set up a one to one conversation or series of conversations for support of the parent in knowing how best to navigate that field.

FINANCIAL COACH: There will be a financial literacy component to our work for which people with financial backgrounds could serve as coaches to help Our Parents budget and calculate what a living wage career will mean financially.

ESSENTIAL SKILLS WORKSHOP FACILITATOR: We have access to the City’s Center for Workforce Innovation curriculum for essential or “soft” skills training. Members of faith communities who have expertise in human resources, interviewing, resume writing, or other relevant fields will help with offering workshops.

CHILDCARE AT EVENTS: When we gather for education, childcare will be an important component of allowing our parents to participate. Members of faith communities who enjoy spending time with children would be ideal for helping provide this support at the site of training.

HOST AT EVENTS: When we gather for education, hospitality will also be a key component of creating a community together. This may include preparing or ordering meals or simply being on hand to serve food and welcome. Members of faith communities who enjoy hospitality would be ideal for this role.

GOOD NEIGHBOR COORDINATOR: This person would be coordinating volunteers within a congregation who are participating with RE:work in the other roles outlined on this list. This person would enjoy organization and connection.

COMPANION: A companion is a more in-depth connection between one of Our Parents and a member of a Faith Community. This connection could be developed through any of the other ways of being a Good Neighbor. It provides a unique opportunity to walk together with a Parent as they navigate the transition into a living wage career.