RE:Work Richmond


Not business as usual.

Hear first hand from our community how RE:work is changing the way we approach workforce development.

I was recommended to RE:work RICHMOND in March and I can already see things changing for me. RE:work has a very friendly staff who is considerate of the needs of their members and have helped us overcome many barriers as we try to make a career plan. They help with financial issues, getting into education, and putting me in direct contact with employers.

Angie Johnson


I am very excited to be a Recommending Partner with RE:work RICHMOND! I have utilized many resources available to East End residents on my path to my career and becoming a homeowner. While those resources helped me on my journey, RE:work’s commitment to addressing the barriers people in the East End specifically face as it relates to employment would’ve been a huge asset to me during that time. Their focus on issues like childcare and transportation sets them apart from other workforce development programs.

Cotina Brake

Group Facilitator & Co-Parenting Navigator at the Virginia Department of Health

We have been very intentional with developing our volunteer base and system. Our Good Neighbor Network, as we’re calling it, will give our volunteers the opportunity to connect with RE:work parents on a deeper level than most volunteer experiences. Each volunteer will be able to put his or her own skills, abilities and talents to use, working side by side with RE:work parents. Through this work, the volunteers and parents will have a strong connection and relationship which will not only benefit the parents, but our communities across the city.

Deb Lawrence