RE:Work Richmond



The Issue
People living in and around the public housing communities in Richmond’s East End are hard at work, yet the poverty level remains high. Why? They’re stuck in entry-level jobs that can’t sustain their families. 

After confirming with the City of Richmond’s Office of Community Wealth Building that employment is the fastest and most direct way to move families beyond the poverty line, we established a unique public / private partnership between St Peter’s Episcopal Church in the East End, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in the West End, the Office of Community Wealth Building, and a non-profit in the East End called Challenge Discovery Projects.  Since then, more faith communities of different denominations and other non-profits serving the East End have joined with us.

Our mission is to prepare and connect heads-of-households in the East End with the right family-sustaining careers.

All participants will be recommended by partner organizations serving families in the East End. 

Our Comprehensive Approach Makes the Difference

Highly Individualized: Based on each Member’s gifts and skills, we develop a strategy that will not just get them a job, but ultimately lead to the right family- sustaining career.

Collaborative: We work with many partner organizations to find candidates with the drive to become self-sustaining. Together we then ensure that candidates get the support they need – housing, childcare, and more-from the organizations that already do it best.

Financial Component: Financial coaches work one-on-one with Members to plan for sustainability. We have funds available to address the short-term financial hurdles that would inhibit sustained employment. 

Good Neighbor Network: Volunteers throughout Richmond provide a strong support network to keep Members on the upward path to financial sustainability. 

Long-Term Success: Our commitment to family-sustaining careers means a long-term commitment to each Member. We measure real results through financial metrics as well as each Member’s progression along with the City of Richmond’s Crisis to Thriving continuum. 

RE:work RICHMOND is hopeful that other congregations and non-profits in metropolitan Richmond will join in this effort, and that individuals, foundations and corporations will enthusiastically support this initiative in the years ahead.

An IRS authorized 501(c)3 organization. All donations are 100% tax-deductible.